Helpful Cooking Tips for Recreational Cooks

If you are cooking just to provide your family with quality time at home, then our practical cooking tips will help you prepare more delicious foods. With the best tricks in cooking your favorite dish, rest assured that you will enjoy more of your time in the kitchen while spending a nice holiday. And because we all know that cooking is a skill that you need to learn and not a talent you just earn after waking up in the morning, we are here to give you these guidelines, so you can start preparing flavorful meals for the whole family.

There are more ways to learn cooking in a more convenient manner. You can watch a cooking show, observe professional chefs, or search recipes on Google, but our insights will enlighten you on how to create wonderful meals that are full of delight. So feel free to read the following tips to even make your personalized recipe:

  • Finish pasta using pan – If you can learn how easy finishing pasta using your pan is, you will surely understand how simple cooking can be. In fact, many chefs are encouraging those who are at home to learn the quick tips to cooking so that they can prepare healthier foods for everyone in the house. Just put the sauce in the skillet and stir the pasta for faster mixing then add some garnishing if you want. The secret here is to infuse the pasta with more flavorful while making it creamier.

Finish pasta using pan

  • Have the courage to play with heat and smoke – If you really want to take advantage of better cooking skills, then do not be afraid of the fire and a bit of smoke. This ultimately gives your cooking a little more flavor that expected. In addition, it cooks the meat well enough to extract its meatiness and juice. However, the technique in using enough heat should be mastered. Be sure to control the fire when cooking to ensure that the meat is cooked and not burned.

heat and smoke food

  • Microplane – This is not actually just for your cheese or citrus. Discover that you can also use microplane to mince other ingredients in your kitchen such as ginger and garlic for your favorite salad dressing. All you need to do is wash the ingredients and you are ready to put them into the microplane for a perfect mincing method.


  • Scissors are also friendly tools in the kitchen – Perhaps, you are not used to using scissors in your kitchen but trust us, a pair of these cutters can help you in preparing your ingredients. You can cut children’s food and mix them up in a bowl for a more chewable meal.
  • Salt are good in cleaning cast iron pans – Have you ever heard of salts in cleaning cast iron pans? Well, if you haven’t tried it yet, this is actually an effective solution to clear up cooking materials. The fast and reliable cleaner can easily remove oils from the pan by soaking them up without using dishwashing liquid or soap. In fact, using soap when washing pans would only make them rusty, so here is a good tip to safely clean pans using salt.
  • Do not overcrowd veggies in a pan – If you are roasting veggies, at least try to give them some space needed, so you can cook them perfectly. Sometimes, you are destroying the nutrients from the green leafy vegetables just by congesting them in a pan. So next time, allow enough space to stir veggies.
  • Fish spatula is the trend – Using a rare fish spatula is actually not so common in many homes today, but did you know that more and more chefs and cooks are using this for almost everything in the kitchen? Maybe it is high time that you buy your own fish spatula and discover its practical use. It is actually perfect when cooking omelets.

There are plenty of other cooking tips to master but the ones mentioned above are really helpful in upgrading your basic cooking skills. However, there are also things that we recommend that you should avoid when you are in the kitchen. Cooking needs accuracy and mastery. However, if you’re not really a professional cook to prepare certain recipes, just stick to our guidelines as discussed above.

They will never let you down especially when cooking a specialty for your family during weekends. If you just want to enjoy spending some time in the kitchen, then these are the best tips you can follow.